Outside In

a film by Victoria Marks and Margaret Williams


1994   14'   Dance Film 

ACE / BBC Dance for the Camera Series

OUTSIDE IN is a film for six disabled and non-disabled dancers drawn the CandoCo Dance Company. The first collaboration between choreographer Victoria Marks and director Margaret Williams, it is a multi-award winning film that re-sets the framework for viewing disability and dance.

“Completely unmissable - a stunner”

The Independent

“Margaret Williams' endlessly moving cinematic gaze counterpoints Victoria Marks' intensely focused and precise deployment of six dancers... the differences between dance and non-dance, choreography and cinematography begin to disappear”

Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

Director:   Margaret Williams     

Choreographer:   Victoria Marks

Performers:   CandoCo Dance Company

Director of Photography:    Jeff Baynes

Music:   Steve Beresford              

Editors:   John Middlewick

                Allan Ford

                Anne Beresford                       

Produced by:   MJW Productions


Photos by Mark Lewis